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Friday, 23 January 2009


As you can see the training has not gone that well this year. Part of that is due to weather as both Phil and I plan routes varying from 38 - 104 miles but the weather isn't playing ball with a mix of high wind, cold and rain/snow.

Today both Phil and I had planned an easy 38 mile and the rain soon saw that off. Its true to say that I could train indoors however human interventions had thwarted this....its called "lack of motivation"

This year I have struggled to kick start it but that changed from 18th where I clocked up gym, cycling and running time. Watch this space
LEJOG .....What is this all about??

This is my Blog that is going to show you, the reader, my preparations up to and including my charity cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats. For those that are not sure what this amounts to its a total of around 874 miles......MENTAL?? arguments here.

Its been completed over around 12 days and as it stands there are 16 persons involved in the cycle.
Phil Clare (whom I normally call Boss or Guv) is the backbone of this operation and has been the driving force behind it. A LEJOG veterian and throughly nice bloke.

Clearly there has to be an agenda I hear you say......... fund raising and thats it (there is an added bonus that it'll make me fitter....or kill me. I'm personally opting for the first one).

Follow me and my progress as I explain whats happening and let you know.